Ebola crisis Ensuring Continuity of Services

To this end, the UNAIDS Inter Agency Task Team (IATT) to address HIV in Humanitarian Emergencies is advocating for a minimum HIV service package as part of efforts to restore public health services during this EVD outbreak.....Read More

Source: http://dx.doi.org/10.1056/NEJMoa1411100

People Living with HIV in Gap report

Acquiring HIV no longer means certain death. A person on HIV treatment in a high-income setting now has nearly the same life expectancy as a person who does not have the virus. However,...Read More


New Child Friendly HIV Pill set for Launch

A child-friendly anti-retroviral that combines different drugs needed to manage HIV/Aids will soon be available in Kenya. The drug, which will be released in...Read More

Source:http://www.nation.co.ke/counties/New-childfriendly-HIV-pill-set-for-launch/- /1107872/2493370/-/xnobtp/-/index.html


More than 35.3 million people are currently living with HIV in the world. 2.1 million of these are adolescents (10-19 years).
Antiretroviral therapy (ART) prevents the HIV virus from multiplying in the body.
In 2012,more than 35.3 million people were living with HIV worldwide 2.1 million of these were adolescents (10-19 years).
Antiretroviral coverage of pregnant women living with HIV to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus reached 62%, in 2012
More than 75% of all estimated HIV incident tuberculosis cases live in just 10 countries, nine of them in sub-Saharan Africa.
In 2012, more than 35.3 million people were living with HIV worldwide where 2.1 million of these were adolescents (10-19 years).
In 2012, 62% of pregnant women living with HIV received antiretroviral treatment to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus.
Consisting of the combination of antiretroviral drugs (ARV), antiretroviral therapy slows the rate at which HIV multiplies in the body helping the infected person to stay healthy. It also helps to prevent HIV transmission.


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Women continue to be victims of human rights violation in our society, especially in Africa. In this issue, we feature a devastating story from Namibia, of women sterilised without their consent, a great violation of their human rights.


Okay to Breastfeed while taking Lamidivine or Tenofovir

imageLamivudine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) are safe for breastfeeding women, according to a new review of the evidence. Although.....

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Source: http://bit.ly/1tOvkDH


Stigma not decreasing in African Countries

imageTwo new studies show that HIV-related stigma is not going away in African countries.Many people hope that as HIV treatment becomes more widely available, people’s fear of HIV might decrease. But a study from rural Uganda, conducted between 2006 and 2012, is not encouraging on this point.

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Source: http://www.aidsmap.com

Girls and Women

Adolescent Girls and Young Women

imageWorldwide, there are approximately 880 million adolescent girls and young women aged 15–24 years (1). Despite making up 12% of the world’s population, this population is often left without a voice or control of their own bodies.

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Source: http://hesperian.org/


Inflammatory markers associated with development of diabetes in people taking HIV therapy

Low-level elevations in important markers of systemic inflammation are associated with the development of type-2 diabetes in people taking antiretroviral therapy (ART), investigators report in the online edition of the.......

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Source: http://www.aidsmap.com

Reproductive Health


Windhoek-Today the Namibian Supreme Court affirmed that HIV-positive women have been forcibly sterilised in public hospitals in Namibia."This decision by the country's highest court is a victory for all HIV-positive women as it makes clear that public hospitals in Namibia have been coercively sterilising HIV-positive women without their consent," stated Jennifer Gatsi Mallet, Director of Namibian Women's Health Network (NWHN).

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Source: http://www.southernafricalitigationcentre.org/2014/11/03/news-release-namibias-highest-court-finds-government-forcibly-sterilised-hiv-positive-women/

Book Review

Anthropology of AIDS

image"Represents a long-overdue examination of anthropology's role in the fight against AIDS, bringing together the anthropological perspective and the problem of AIDS like no other."--Brian Joseph Gilley, University of Vermont

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Source: http://upf.com