Aggressive New HIV strain leads to AIDS more quickly

New research from Lund University in Sweden suggests that a new aggressive strain of HIV develops more rapidly into AIDS than other current strains. Read More

Source: www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/269510.php

Drug resistant Gonorrhoea

There is a new sexually transmitted superbug that experts say may be more deadly that AIDS.

According to a CNBC report, an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea is more aggressive than the HIV virus, which means the potential to... Read More

Source: www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/health/artikel.php?ID=299149

US HIV positive Baby Cure

US researchers have revealed another baby carrying the HIV virus, which leads to Aids, may have been cured through early treatment.Read More

Source: www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-26460221

KNH doctors in cervical cancer cure breakthrough

KENYA has made a breakthrough in cervical cancer treatment. In clinical trials carried out by scientists working at Kenyatta National Hospital a commonly kill off the human papilloma virus that leads to cervical cancer. Read More

Source: www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-158006/knh-doctors-cervical-cancercure- breakthrough

Gene editing of CCR5

CCR5 is the major coreceptor for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). We investigated whether site-specific modification of the gene (“gene editing”) — in this case, the infusion of autologous CD4 T cells in which the CCR5 gene was rendered permanently dysfunctional by a zinc-finger nuclease (ZFN)... Read More

Source: www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1300662

Is Hypertension the new HIV epidemic?

At first sight, this seems a ridiculous, crassly attentiongrabbing assertion. HIV infection is a sexually transmitted infectious disease; hypertension is neither of these things. Read More

Source: http://ije.oxfordjournals.org/

Faith healing Cameroon

Faith and Theology Help to Heal Communities Facing HIV and Aids. Read More

Source: www.allafrica.com/stories/201403261183.html?viewall=1


In 2012, more than 35.3 million people were living with HIV worldwide where 2.1 million of these were adolescents (10-19 years).
In 2012, 62% of pregnant women living with HIV received antiretroviral treatment to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus.
Consisting of the combination of antiretroviral drugs (ARV), antiretroviral therapy slows the rate at which HIV multiplies in the body helping the infected person to stay healthy. It also helps to prevent HIV transmission.


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Positive Living

This Mom Lost 3 Children To HIV. She's Making Sure No Other Mother Suffers Such A Devastating Loss

imageOne by one, each of Connies three children died before her eyes in the 1980s from a relentless disease she had suspected was HIV, but didn't have the 'courage' at the time to find out. Today, the grieving mother is working to make sure that no parent makes the same tragic decision.

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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/01/world-aids-day_n_4350872.html

Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs)

High Burden of STIs Among People Living with HIV in Cape Town in Period Before they start ART

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates are high among people living with HIV in the period before they start antiretroviral therapy (ART), investigators from South Africa report in the online edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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Source: http://www.aidsmap.com/High-burden-of-STIs-among-people-living-with-HIV-in- Cape-Town...


Coming to Terms with HIV in Adolescence

imageMore than 2 million young people aged 10-19 are living with HIV. Adolescents are especially vulnerable to becoming infected with HIV and to dying from HIV-associated causes. For the first time, a WHO guideline offers advice on how to better tailor HIV services for this age group.

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Source: http://www.who.int/features/2013/adolescents-hiv/en/

Delivery of Care

Abolishing HIV in Rwanda

The achievement of universal HIV coverage in one African country, Rwanda, has resulted in HIV diagnoses more than halving and annual incidence falling by 90%, the 2014 Treatment as Prevention workshop in Vancouver heard earlier this month.

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Source: http://www.aidsmap.com/Abolishing-HIV-in-Rwanda/page/2845701/

Gender Issues

Compendium of Gender Equality and HIV Indicators

imageGender is the manifestation of socially constructed roles and expectations that are placed on human beings based on their sex. The parameters of socially acceptable behavior for women and men vary widely between societies and are dynamic over time.

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Source: www.measureevaluation.org

Care & Treatment

African Studies Identify Strategies for Improving Treatment Adherence, Retention in Care

Getting people tested for HIV is one thing; getting them onto antiretrovirals (ARVs) another; and retaining them in care for a long period something else entirely. A session at the 17th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) in Cape Town, South Africa, last month, considered which patients are least likely to be retained in care, and innovative strategies to keep patients in care in the long run, using limited resources.

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Source: http://www.aidsmap.com/African-studies-identify-strategies-for-improving-treatment-adherence-retention-in-care/page/2813706/

Reproductive Health

African Commission Condemns Sterilisation of HIV+ Women

imageFollowing reports of coerced and forced sterilisation of women living with HIV in numerous African countries in recent years, including South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Swaziland,Lesotho, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia, the ACHPR's resolution denouncing the practice has been warmly welcomed by activists and civil society groups across the continent.

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Source: http://www.osisa.org/hiv-and-aids/regional/african-commission-condemns...


Sexual Behaviour Among Users of Antiretroviral Pre-exposure

The pioneering trials of antiretroviral pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention have yielded a potent new strategy for the reduction of HIV incidence in atrisk populations.

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Source: http://www.thelancet.com/infection