AJANews 109 – June 2012 – Anniversary Special


Welcome to AJANews, launched together with our new website to mark the tenth anniversary of the African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN). Yes, 10 packed years have passed since JESAM (Jesuit Superiors of Africa and Madagascar) set up AJAN to coordinate and expand the Jesuit response to HIV and AIDS across the continent. This issue of AJANews looks back through the eyes of AJAN coordinators and JESAM presidents, past and present, and of some Jesuits whose AIDS ministry AJAN has supported.

AJAN Coordinator’s message - One Sunday afternoon, as I was walking in a poor neighbourhood of Agoe-Nyive in Togo, I met Samuel, a young man in his early thirties. He was bedridden, very thin and weak... Read more

A challenging future - A ten-year anniversary is not one usually celebrated with great pomp and circumstance but then AJAN is no ordinary institution, still less one given to pomp and circumstance... Read more

“Friends in the Lord” - For us, AJAN is not only a charitable institution, but above all a group of companions on a journey, “friends in the Lord” and sons of St Ignatius... Read more

Friend, partner, donor - AJAN is partner, friend and donor of the ASVS. The financial support of AJAN helps the ASVS meet its objectives of nutritional and health care... Read more

Thank you - Thanks to the moral and material support of AJAN, SYM has become a socio-medical centre not only for the struggle against AIDS but also its co-infection, TB... Read more

Many solutions - When you bake a cake, if you follow the recipe, you get the cake you wanted. When you make an African Jesuit AIDS Network, there is no recipe... Read more

Drawing sustenance - AJAN was established to help Jesuits working in Africa to develop an appropriate and effective African Jesuit response to HIV and AIDS that would be sensitive to the local culture and spirituality... Read more

Achievements & challenges - The tenth anniversary is most meaningful when we look at it as a time of evaluation rather than a time to boast of achievements per se... Read more

I shall live - It was in June 2002 that I learned about the creation of AJAN, when I was finishing my first cycle of theology at Hekima, after which I was dispatched for parish ministry in Kisangani... Read more