2019 New Year Message From AJAN Director

Happy New Year 2019!

As we enter another new calendar for 2019, I wish to thank you for your contributions in 2018 to support families in Africa affected and infected with HIV and AIDS. With your support, much has been done and much still needs to be done. We should never get tired.

As we plan for 2019, may we use every opportunity open to us to bring about even more greater impact to those whom God has entrusted to us, to demonstrate love and care. Those include among us, our brothers and sisters infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.  Majority of this population (69.65%) live in Africa. Many still don’t know about their HIV status. They include young generation coming up-our future leaders and models of our continent-our young adolescents and youth!

Our responsibility this year is to encourage them to know their HIV status. When they know their status, they are likely to take responsible decisions. To enroll for medication for those who are infected or even be inspired to live responsibly to avoid getting infected for those not infected. When our youth-our families- you and I- know our HIV status, then we know how best we can support one another.

Our resources will never be enough. The needs are many.  Where we can, let us fully and gladly support one another.

May 2019 bring greater tidings. May God of Love and Compassion give us strength to do His will through the mission entrusted to us.