Improving Livelihoods of Vulnerable Women in Lome, Togo

Lome-Togo: September, 2018:  55 beneficiaries, mainly vulnerable women from households infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in Agoè-Nyivè, in Lome, have received training on entrepreneurship and Income Generating Activities (IGA). The training sought to sensitize participants on management of micro credits as they seek to start various Income Generating Activities thanks to a Taiwanese Embassy funding from Rome.

The training methodology involved role-playing, sharing of experiences amongst participants who had initially tried various entrepreneurship ideas and also psycho social support.

With support from Taiwanese Embassy, participants hope to establish successful small income generating businesses which will critically improve their livelihoods at their respective households.

Supporting vulnerable mothers and their families with an aim to minimize extreme poverty is one of the best key practices which Centre Hope Loyola (CEL) continues to sustain. Ornela Pakou facilitated the training which took place at CEL, in Lome, Togo.