Education for Life and Love in Lome -Togo


Lome-Togo: 4th July, 2018 – 5th July 2018: 20 young adolescents aged 14-19 years were trained and equipped with life skills on Education for Life and Love at College Agatha Carelli of the Canossian Sisters in Lome, Togo. Organized by Centre of Hope Loyola, participants were mentored on various social issues. Facilitators of the training emphasized on chastity through abstinence and promotion of secondary virginity as a way of preventing HIV through sexual transmission.
Sessions on Education for Life and Love create friendly spaces for youth to discuss, share thoughts and experiences amongst themselves. In conservative African countries where dialogue on HIV and AIDS hardly happen, creating platforms for youth to have such conversations help them to be more informed on how their choices and behavior have impact on the society they live in. During the training, the youth demonstrated desire to participate in these kinds of trainings.