The vision of the home-based care (HBC) program of Matero Parish in Lusaka is an HIV-free, healthy, educated community. The goal is to provide physical, spiritual and psychosocial support to people living with HIV, to orphans, to the bereaved and to caregivers. There are 30 very dedicated caregivers on the team who really do their best with very limited resources. The team had 172 people with HIV and 233 orphans and vulnerable children on its register in 2013.
The home-based care (HBC) program of the Jesuit parish of Chikuni in southern Zambia has a four-phase approach: the fi rst phase is prevention, the second is health education and palliative care, the third is skills training and income-generating activities (IGAs) and the fourth is self-help groups (SHGs). The self-help concept encourages people to work together as a group, to support each other as they set up their own IGAs, and to save and lend money to one another. There were 27 groups with 439 members at the end of 2013.
A home-based care team
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Home-based care team cooks snacks
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Home-based care team
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Nelia Makasa
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Farmer Muleya, who is living with HIV
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Land tilled by HIV-positive farmer Hachipola
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Michelo, who is living with HIV
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