Lent reflections 2019

Resurrection Sunday!!!



Second, we need to remember Easter in our Good Friday’s. For there is no Easter Sunday without a Good Friday. No doubt, there are going to be dark moments in our lives when we experience tribulations, trials and persecutions. We must not allow these challenges of life to take away the precious gift of joy and the song of ‘Alleluia’ from our lips. For as the psalmist says in Psalm 30:5 – Darkness may endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning....

Fr Michael Edomobi,SJ. Parish Priest, Holy Family Church, Caldwell, Monrovia, Liberia.

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John Saw and Believed

Christ is risen, indeed alleluia! This is a great cause for joy. We rejoice because God’s loving faithfulness has reached its fullest manifestation in the Easter event to which we are all privileged to witness. In Christ’s triumph over death, a path has been paved for us. Indeed, God’s promise of life abundant has been accomplished in the resurrection of his Son and our Savior....

Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga, SJ., Director, Jesuit Urumuri Centre

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Jesuits across sub-Saharan Africa reach out daily to people affected by AIDS and seek to prevent the spread of HIV. The African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN) coordinates their efforts, inspired by the vision: Empowered individuals, families, and communities working towards an HIV and AIDS free society and fullness of life (cfr John 10:10)