• Centre Espérance Loyola, Lomé, Togo (Darrin Zammit Lupi/AJAN)

  • Mirror of Hope, Kibera, Kenya (Darrin Zammit Lupi/AJAN)

  • CVX, Kigali, Rwanda (Darrin Zammit Lupi/AJAN)

Latest News

  • Burundi: New assistant director for SYM

    3 November 2015 - Fr Pierre Célestin Musoni SJ from Rwanda has been appointed assistant director at the Service Yezu Mwiza (SYM) in Bujumbura. He shares his first impressions: resilience, hope and courage of SYM staff and the people they serve... Read more

  • DRC: For better or for worse

    Sunday 21 June 2015 was a special day for the Foyer Louis de Gonzague, a Jesuit organization for people living with HIV in Kikwit, western DRC. Fr Crispin Mukiay celebrated the marriage of Richard Lumbidi and Liliane Bundu, two members of the Foyer... Read more

  • Kenya: A tribute to Ayub

    3 November 2015 - Ayub Meme was born on 20 October 1992. He died just over 22 years later, on 3 November 2014... Read more

  • Kenya: Words of wisdom from Ayub

    3 November 2015: Whatever mistakes you have made up until now are off the table - the only thing that matters from this point on is how you move forward... Read more 

  • Kenya: From the time he was born

    3 November 2015 - We remember Ayub Meme, who died of AIDS at the age of 22 a year ago. We share a story he wrote for an AJAN script-writing competition, based on his own life... Read more

About AJAN

Jesuits across sub-Saharan Africa reach out daily to people affected by AIDS and seek to prevent the spread of HIV. The African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN) coordinates their efforts, inspired by the vision: Empowered individuals, families, and communities working towards an HIV and AIDS free society and fullness of life (cfr John 10:10)